Thank you for your interest in the Enrico Fermi Educational Fund of Yonkers Scholarship.

We offer 3 scholarship application opportunities to fit your criteria. Please read the following to determine which application is the right one for your circumstances.

YONKERS RESIDENT – This application is for Yonkers residents. If you are a resident of Yonkers, this is the application for you.  Please use this application if your residential status is YONKERS resident only.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY – This application is for all other residents of Westchester County EXCLUDING Yonkers. Please use this application if your residential status is County/Non Yonkers Resident only.

We also offer a SCIENCE SCHOLARSHIP based application that is available only through your Guidance Counselor. Please see your High School Advisor for more information.

Please Print and Download the correct application. All applications MUST BE MAILED to the address on the application. No email applications will be accepted.

For any questions, please feel free to call Dr. Marie-Elena Liotta at (914) 523-6777