Welcome to The Enrico Fermi Educational Fund of Yonkers (Enrico Fermi) Scholarship Application page. 

Enrico Fermi is proud to announce our Sixty First (61st) year of providing college scholarships for high school seniors with traceable Italian heritage. The applicant must be a resident of Yonkers or Westchester County, regardless of the location of the high school they attend. Residency is based on the actual legal address, not the post office zip code. The Science Scholarship is open to all Westchester County residents.

As described below, we offer three types of scholarships – Yonkers, Westchester County and the Enrico Fermi Science Scholarship, and provide seven scholarships in total.

NEW Online Application: 

  • Our scholarship application is only available online. This is a secure application portal which protects privacy. 

  • The online application link is available at the bottom of this webpage. The online application is available as of January 5, 2024

  • All student applicants will apply for the scholarship by setting up a profile and completing an online application, which will allow the student to complete the scholarship application for any of our scholarships.

  • Applicants will make requests for two letters of recommendations, and the most recent senior year transcript to be uploaded into the secure online scholarship portal. 

    • Applicants should advise their recommenders and guidance counselors to expect a request from Enrico Fermi and upload the requests to the portal to ensure the application is complete before the deadline, which is March 10, 2024.. 

  • Once an account is set up and the application has commenced, the online scholarship portal will notify you as to the status of the application. 

    • Applicants should monitor the status of the scholarship application and notify recommenders and guidance counselors to upload all required submissions before the online application closes in order to have a complete application before the deadline. 

  • The online application process will close at 11:59 p.m. on March 10, 2024. Incomplete applications will not be eligible for review. 

  • Starting in 2024, paper applications will no longer be accepted and will not reviewed.  

Scholarship Offerings & Descriptions: 

Below is a description of our Scholarship Offerings, as well as the eligibility criteria which will determine whether you are a candidate for our Yonkers, Westchester or Science Scholarship. In summary though, we offer 4 Yonkers Scholarships to Yonkers residents, two Westchester County Scholarships and one Science Scholarship. Note that the Science Scholarship applicant is also eligible to apply for the Yonkers or Westchester Scholarship, but only eligible to receive one or the other, not both.

Each school (science chair/teacher/guidance counselor) can nominate one student for this scholarship, if a student is eligible.

Each student applicant will be evaluated based upon their excellent scholastic results, evidence of involvement and leadership, service to the school and community, outstanding character, evidence of Italian heritage, residency requirement and meet the criteria as further described below. The Scholarship process is highly competitive with recipients selected by a Selection Committee composed of Trustees, Educators and Members.

The Enrico Fermi Educational Fund of Yonkers, Inc. offers  three types of Scholarships and providing seven scholarships in total. They are:

Yonkers Scholarships – This Scholarship is open to residents of The City of Yonkers, NY (only) who are of traceable Italian heritage, graduating from an accredited public or private high school, upon graduation plan on attending a college or university. There will be four (4) scholarships of, at least, $5,000 each.

Westchester Scholarship This Scholarship is open to residents of Westchester County, NY, excluding The City of Yonkers, who are of traceable Italian heritage, graduating from an accredited public or private high school, upon graduation plan on attending a college or university. There will be two (2) scholarships of $5,000 each.

Science ScholarshipThis Scholarship is open to legal residents of Westchester (including Yonkers). The applicant must have the endorsement of the high school to apply for this scholarship (only one per school). The Applicant must be of traceable Italian heritage, a resident of Westchester County NY, graduating from an accredited public or private high school who, upon graduation, plans on attending a college or university. It is expected that applicants would be engaged in some form of scientific research, have taken or are currently excelling in AP science courses, and are interested in pursuing a career in a STEM field. There will be One Scholarship of $5,000.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

The Enrico Fermi Educational Fund of Yonkers, Inc. offers Academic based scholarships to graduating seniors from an accredited public or private high school. Each student will be evaluated based upon his or her exceptional scholastic / academics, evidence of leadership and involvement, service to the school and the community through community activities, outstanding character, and evidence of traceable Italian heritage. Now in our Sixty First (61st) year of awarding scholarships to deserving high school seniors of Yonkers and more recently Westchester County, New York., we recognize that these scholarships are very competitive, considering the superior academic, leadership, extra curricular, community service and other qualities exhibited by applicants and, ultimately, the recipients.

Application Requirements:

  • Be a member of the graduating class in the year of the application and graduate from an accredited public or private high school with the graduating class

  • Be of traceable Italian heritage

  • Be a resident of the City of Yonkers for the Yonkers Scholarship, and of Westchester County for the Westchester County and Science Scholarships; residency is based on the actual physical legal address, not the post office zip code

  • Have applied or in the process of applying to a recognized and accredited College

  • File a completed application on or before the Closing Date of our online application process, which, starting on January 5, 2024, can be found through our website at www.enricofermi.org. Note that the application process closes on March 10, 2024.

The completed online scholarship application must include (note that incomplete applications will be ineligible for consideration): 

  • An official school transcript. The transcript must include 12th grade mid-year grades, 3 year average, class rank (if available), and test scores (SAT and/or ACT scores, if available) 

  • A complete listing of extracurricular activities/awards

  • A complete listing of service to the community

  • At least two letters of recommendation one of which must be from the school’s professional staff

  • Various essays of at least 250 words each addressing the topic of how your Italian heritage has influenced your life and goals, as well as on community service, extracurricular activities and other topics

  • A certification and acknowledgement form, which is part of the online application.

 Important dates: 


  • January 5, 2024 – Online Application Process begins

  • February 28, 2024 (no later than) – School submits name of Science sponsored Applicant, one per school, if any

  • March 10, 2024. Application deadline. Online applications closed

  • April 10, 2024 (on or about) – Students Scholarship Recipients Notified

  • April 28, 2024 – 61st Annual Enrico Fermi Scholarship Breakfast and Recognition Ceremony to be held at Mulino’s at Lake Isle, Eastchester. All scholarship recipients are required to attend. Families of scholarship recipients are also invited.

For any questions, please feel free to send an email to fermischolarship@gmail.com